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ARMOUR (2019)


Performance made in collaboration with Remy Erismann in response to his sculptures ‘PROSTHESIS’ exhibited at Galerie da Mihi, Bern, Switzerland (17 Aug - 14 Sept)

Curated by Barbara Marbot & Hans Ryser


20 Minute Performance (finissage 13 Sept)

Single Channel Video, 6 Minutes 38 Seconds, HD, Colour, Sound

In the performance Miller interacts with Erismann's sculptures to evoke ideas around endurance, training, failure and alienation. While wearing the original protective equipment that was cast in cement, she struggles to maneuver the sculptures to mark the space in a live action drawing. Miller also engages the oversized carbon and epoxy resin prosthetics to highlight the inversion of their original purpose as mobility aids.

All Sculptures by Remy Erismann

Materials: Ice Hockey Protective Equipment; Powerade Bottles

Clothing: Lycra Running Suit

ARMOUR (2019)

Live Performance (3 Minute Extract)

Cameras: Remy Erismann & Gregor Vogel

Edit: Hollie Miller

Post Sound: Craig Scott

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