BLOOD BONE BREATH (2021 - ongoing)

Duet co-created and performed by Hollie Miller and Hannah Buckley

Sound: Craig Scott

Costumes: Hollie Miller 

Supported by Arts Council England

Developed during micro residencies at Yorkshire Dance, Wainsgate Dances and Studio 307


Premier: Healing Collective Spring Gathering, San Mei Gallery, London (27 Mar 2022)

Upcoming dates TBA

‘Blood Bone Breath’ brings together movement and image to prioritise softness, slowing down and cultivating deep listening to the interior landscape of the mind and body. It draws on the imaginative sensorial body as a medium to navigate intimacy, agency and being in relation to another being.

"This collaboration is a highly textured one- full of contours, stretch, fiber and adaptability." Amy Voris

"As time passes in the presence of this work, my body softens and opens to curiosity. Where are we? Are they human? Am I inside a human?" Fabiano Culora

"Communicates mystery, surrender, discovery, endurance and other qualities I can’t name!" Wendy Houston


Durational live performance with supporting movement workshops that is also being developed into a film and sensory version for children. Previous public online workshop and reading group series hosted by invited practitioners included Laura Burns, Lucy Suggate, Anushiye Yarnell and Murat Adash.

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Press shot