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7. Hannah Buckley Blood Bone Breath 3.jpg

BLOOD BONE BREATH (2021 - ongoing)

Trio co-created and performed by Hollie Miller and Hannah Buckley with sound performed by Craig Scott

Durational Performance Installation (2 hours)

Single Channel Video Installation, 14 Minutes 28 Seconds, HD, Colour, Sound

Costumes: Hollie Miller 

Performances: Transform Festival, Leeds (20/10/23); Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds (27/4/23); Wainsgate Dances, Hebden Bridge (21/1/23); NottDance, Nottingham (6/10/22); Site Gallery, Sheffield (3/9/22); San Mei Gallery, London (27/3/22)

Video Installations: Yorkshire Dance, Leeds (18/11/22); Giant, Bournemouth (19/6-3/9/22)

Supported by Arts Council England

‘Blood Bone Breath’ is a living installation that brings together sound, movement and unfolding imagery to prioritise softness, slow time and deep listening to the interior landscape of the body. It draws on the imaginative sensorial body as a medium to navigate intimacy, agency and being in relation to another being.

"This collaboration is a highly textured one- full of contours, stretch, fiber and adaptability." Amy Voris

"As time passes in the presence of this work, my body softens and opens to curiosity. Where are we? Are they human? Am I inside a human?" Fabiano Culora

"Communicates mystery, surrender, discovery, endurance and other qualities I can’t name!" Wendy Houston

Costumes: Blood red oestrich feathers, chain mail & velour

Set: faux rabbit fur rug 3m 60cm x 5m

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