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A series of performative collages made in collaboration with Kate Street

Group exhibition: The Horror Show! Somerset House, London (27 Oct 2022 - 19 Feb 2023)

Curated by Iian Forsyth, Jane Pollard and Claire Catterall

In this remote online collaborative project Street plucked Miller's figurative poses and flower arranged them into intricate composites with museum artefacts and mythological statues as a form of performative collage. These tongue and cheek theatrical scenes turn her twisted limbs into human plant hybrids that oscillate between beauty and horror. Miller's statuesque poses undergo constant metachrosis and reconfiguration as Street mounts her body on plinths with faun and flora as an ode to the ironic girliness of British Kitsch that subverts sexist and grandiose Greek mythology with unnerving humor.
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