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PIERROT (2012 - 13)

English c1910 Bisque Shoulder Headed Pierrot Doll & customised Victorian boots

Series of 4 Polaroids

Single Channel Video, 2 Minutes 17 Seconds, Colour, Music by Paul Remund

Supported by the Lisa Ullmann Travel Fund

Exhibitions: Scene Art & The Exhibit, London (2013)

In 2012 Miller received the Lisa Ullman Travel Fund to study Butoh in Japan at the Kazuo Ohno Studio with Yoshito Ohno and visit the Tatsumi Hijikata Archives at Keio University. She took with her an antique Pierrot doll and made an identical costume, which she wore on a personal pilgrimage to the ancient forest of Yakushima- an island off the Southern tip of Japan. Dressed as the doll and with the doll as her only companion she enacted private rituals immersed in nature. Afterwards she burnt her costume- all that's left is her shoes and the original doll.

dollnew copy.jpg


Single Channel Video, 6 Minutes 23 Seconds, Black and White, Sound

Performance and Choreography: Hollie Miller

Director of Photography/ Editor: Nel Sakuma

Sound Design: Ben Morris

'The Wilderness Within' is a short cine-dance film and poetic psychodrama, which draws upon themes of resurrection, threat, seduction and loss. This film explores what is hidden and shadowed in the psyche, to lift the veil on the darkness that emanates from within. Based on the mythical figure Lilith, Francis Bacon’s scream paintings and the saying that Butoh is the 'dance of darkness' and to dance it is to 'shake hands with the dead'.



10 Minute Looping Site - Specific Performance

Photos: Nel Sakuma


Commissioned by The Nightingale Theatre for The Brighton Fringe 'A Live Trail'

'The Arachnologist' took place in a darkened derelict outhouse, in which the audience followed Miller around by torchlight. Based on embryological imagery and therianthropy this dance performance reflects on birth and human/ animal parallels as she transforms from embryo to human to spider.

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