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© Hollie Miller, Sonic Archetypes, Mask,


A film by Hollie Miller with music by Craig Scott


Single Channel Video Installation, 27 Minutes 10 Seconds, HD, Colour and B&W, Sound

Exhibited alongside masks, costumes and objects related to the film

Solo Exhibition: UK Mexican Arts Society, London (18 May - 12 June 2021)

Supported by Arts Council England 

Screening and discussion with Catherine McCormack, Exploring Radical Female Joy, Unit Gallery, London (26 May 2022)

Text by Catriona McAra in Soanyway Magazine here

"Hollie Miller's Geography of Fantasy is an episodic visual cartography of some of the darker corners of the human psyche in which apparitional moments of physical tremor and psychological disturbance are conveyed with considerable cinematic compositional finesse."
Steven Bode, Director Film and Video Umbrella 

"One possible way to read
Geography of Fantasy is as an intermedial treatise or microcosm of feminist cultural history, segueing through its many lessons and revelations."
Catriona McAra, Curator and Art Historian

"Impressive and extraordinary. The individual sequences of body performances touch through haunting images that are authentic yet puzzling."
Annegret Soltau, Artist

"Miller is creating iconic glyphs, which echo and resonate in the psyche long after the images have left the screen. This is a record of an artist's serious practice, in which she uses her body and self as a tool for radical transformation. She brings us into a world where her sensitivities become our own, her pain and pleasure all laid bare on an unrelenting canvas of captured life."
Penny Slinger, Artist

"Tough and sharp. Refreshing to see an artist use their body as a material unto itself."
Skip Arnold, Artist

Materials: blue, crimson, florescent green and white pigment; blue roll; pink cloth; smoke bombs; prosthetic gills and eyes; garden rose; lily; razor shells; liquid latex. 

Second-hand clothes: mother's skirt, blouse and dresses; brother's suit

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