Week-long Installation activated through Performance and Video

In collaboration with Sam Williams

'Figure Four', Baltic 39 Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (18 - 22 Jan 2017)  

This work unpacks the psychology of decision making and asks whether democracy and equality at the heart of collaboration can really be the case. Miller and Williams exchange roles at will to activate a number of raw materials through a sequence of live actions. They simultaneously film each other through a macro lens, which is projected large scale via a live feed. Gestures emerge through their attentiveness to the individual properties of each material, whilst material traces where their affect has left residue crystallize their actions into ‘living fossils’. 


Materials: palettes; sand bags; tarpaulin; chord

Tech: HD video camera; projector

Gestures are our own Living Fossils (2017)
Installation Shot I with Video Projection
Single Channel Video, 6 Minutes 45 Seconds, HD, Colour
Video Link:
Photo: Colin Davison

Gestures are our own Living Fossils (There was an Idea of Equality) (2017)

Single Channel Video, 2 Minutes 6 Seconds, HD, Colour

Video Link:
Photo: Colin Davison
Video Courtesy of the Artists

Gestures are our own Living Fossils (2017)

Single Channel Video, 58 Seconds, HD, Colour, Sound

Video Link:

Video Courtesy of the Artists

Post Sound: Craig Scott

© Hollie Miller 2019