15 Minute Site-Specific Outdoor Performance 

Clayhill Arts, Somerset w. Mark Devereux Projects Dialogues 5 (July 2018)

Miller’s solitary figure framed in the landscape imposes an infinitesimal sense of proportion on her body. She creates a series of cinematic tableaus that are visually arresting and have a sense of longing. Her timeless clothing is covered in an earth pigment that unites her with the landscape. She dilly-dallys, her disjointed movements show a sense of otherness, before she disappears into the horizon, tracing the field line with red ribbons strung from a weightlifting bar. This performance resonates with imagery of Land Girls, the painting Christina’s World, and the film Kloot.


Materials: earth pigment; bucket; weight lifting bar with crimson weights; two reels of crimson ribbon


Second-hand clothes: beige trousers; brown leather jacket; knee high brown snakeskin 70’s boots; auburn human hair wig

Performance Shot I
Photo: Liz West
Performance Shot II
Photo: Liz West
© Hollie Miller 2019