21 GRAMS (2015 - 18)
A series of site-specific performances in derelict buildings in the UK and Europe recorded through photography and moving image.
This research was based on a scientific study published in 1907 by Dr Duncan MacDougall who hypothesised that the soul has a physical weight of 21 grams after measuring the mass lost by humans when the soul departed from their body. In these works Miller performed an active stillness to allow corporeal manifestations to emerge. Her held positions of meditative endurance attempt to transcend her body through an unobservable phenomenological space, whilst envisioning the soul as something grounded in itself that melts unto itself. Over the duration she experienced a feeling of falling that felt like a rise and seeming weightlessness. 
Materials: rock; brick; fishing wire; dental mouth guard; work gloves
Second-hand clothes: beige overcoat
1 Hour Live Performance
Testbed, London, UK
Photo: Franko B
1 Hour Live Performance 
Revolve, Orangerie, Uppsala, Sweden
Photo: Marcel van Helvoort
Performance to Camera
Engine Room, Derelict Building, Whitechapel, London
Two Channel Video, 2 Minutes 47 Seconds, HD, Colour, Sound
Camera: Tanya Moulson
Edit: Hollie Miller
Post Sound: Craig Scott
© Hollie Miller 2020