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LEDA (2023 - ongoing)

Performance, choreography and costumes by Hollie Miller

Sound by Craig Scott 

Narration by Hollie Miller with extracts from Anne Carson 'Autobiography of Red' and A R Banister-Jones 'Leda Kills the Swan'


Performances/ Exhibitions: The Place Theatre, Resolutions Festival, London (16/6/23); Flux Projects, Choreographies Pt2, BLOKSpace Leyton, London (23/9/23)

Single Channel Video Installation: 21 Minutes 3 Seconds, Full HD, Colour, Sound

Supported by The Society for Theatre Research Practitioner Grant

Photos: Merrick D'Arcy Irvine

Miller’s vengeful retelling of the Greek myth ‘Leda and the Swan’ repositions Leda as a villainess to explore her agency, the pleasure of revenge and imagine an alternative future unchained to the image of her aggressor who she has been tied to throughout art history. She interacts with a colossal egg sculpture and large scale swan puppet, which is brutally decapitated, gutted and adorned as she reigns victorious. This work explores explicit themes around sexual violence, reckoning with past trauma and vigilantism. 

Egg: paper mache clay


Swan: shed goose feathers; stretch fabric, bamboo, sequins, fins

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