Performance program curated by Hollie Miller and Craig Scott

22 May, 29 May, 5 June and 12 June at UK Mexican Arts Society, London

To support their month-long exhibition 'Geography of Fantasy' at UK Mexican Arts Society, Scott and Miller curated a live program exploring the limits of the body and sound through corporeal and sonic embodiment. They devised a new performance each week to share alongside live and recorded work by artists Ekin Bernay, Nissa Nishikawa, Narcissister, Miles Greenberg, Seungwoo Park, Liu Susiraja, Simon Bus and Selina Bonelli; and musicians Tom Wheatley, Alex Paxton, Joost Hendrickx and Sam Andreae. 
Scott and Miller's performances sought a sculptural dialogue between sound and movement to blur the perceptual line between the organic and synthetic. In these works Miller’s body is covered in different types of cloth that act as a semi permeable membrane between inner and outer worlds. She takes on the form of a cocoon hatching, a ghostly shadow and a she spider until she tears at the cloth with thorn covered shoes in search of her own true identity. 

STONE FLY (2021)

Documentation of live performance I by Miller and Scott

Camera: James Brown


Documentation of live performance III by Miller and Scott

Camera: Tanya Moulson


Documentation of live performance I by Miller and Scott

Camera: Hollie Miller


Documentation of live performance II by Miller and Scott

Camera: Sam Williams