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Documentation of live performance I by Miller and Scott

Camera: Tanya Moulson


Documentation of live performance II by Miller and Scott

Camera: Sam Williams

STONE FLY (2021)

Documentation of live performance III by Miller and Scott

Camera: James Brown


Documentation of live performance IV by Miller and Scott

Camera: Hollie Miller



Performances: Inklingroom, Fold, London (23 Feb 2023); CCA Gallery, Cinzia Ruggeri Exhibition, Behavioural Garment's Cabaret curated by Charlie Clark & Kathryn Dammers (4 Nov 2022); Camden People's Theatre, Calm Down Dear, curated by Figs in Wigs (25 May 2022); UK Mexican Arts Society, London (21 May, 28 May, 4 June & 11 June 2021)

Read interview in Nasty Magazine here

Scott and Miller's performances sought a sculptural dialogue between sound and movement to blur the perceptual line between the organic and synthetic. In these works Miller’s body is covered in different types of cloth that act as a semi permeable membrane between inner and outer worlds. She takes on the form of a cocoon hatching, a ghostly shadow and a she spider until she tears at the fabric with thorn covered shoes in search of her own true identity. 
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