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TAKE WING (2020)

Single Channel Video, 5 Minutes, HD, Colour

Sound by Craig Scott

AiR (15 - 27 Nov 2019), Hogchester Arts, Dorset, UK 

Screenings: Ex-is Festival, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (9 - 16 Sept, 2021); Performance Space, Folkstone (31 Jul - 13 Aug 2020); SVOX TV, online (19 Oct 2020)

'Take Wing' is set on Hogchester Farm, a 75-acre conservation site and re-wilding project, and in Hogchester Arts empty gallery barn, Miller embodies different shadow archetypes to delve into the boundary between the conscious/ subconscious. She explores themes around ascension, metamorphosis and rebirth through predator - prey, fertility - death, horizontal - vertical dichotomies.

Materials: birds nest; spit; crystal; fishing wire; marble dust; shard of mirror; red mesh fabric; ghillie camouflage suit; fish tank; dried bark; sparrow skeleton; dried bamboo grass; red satin fabric; black ink

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