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THIRD ORGAN (2022 - ongoing)

Collaboration between Hollie Miller and Craig Scott


Performances: The Judgement Hall Festival, St Barnabas Church, London (24/9/23); V&A Museum Friday Lates The Body Beautiful, London (31/3/23); Iklectic with Hackoustic, London (29/10/22); V SS L Studio, London (18/8/22)

Single Channel Video Installation: 2 Minutes 10 Seconds, HD, Colour, Sound

Supported by Arts Council England & The Francis W Reckitt Arts Trust

Photos: Hydar Dewachi

'Third Organ' is a newly designed wearable musical instrument that translates the performer's movements into sound using custom technology that measures their heart rate, muscle contractions, and distance between their extremities via stretch sensors. It resembles an external nervous system that runs over the body like veins to bridge analogue and digital worlds. The performers are connected to each other via an umbilical cord of cables that causes a codependency and negotiation, whilst tethering them to the machine to enquire into possible ways the human body can interface with non human entities.

Suit: custom made latex straps & tubing


Suit tech: muscle tension sensors; heart rate monitor; conductive rubber stretch sensors; teensy; max msp; abelton live

Sound: hardware synth; midi controlled tape delay; spring reverb; audio samples

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