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ANIMUS (2018 - 20)

Touring Durational Performance and Sound Art Installation in collaboration with Craig Scott

Single Channel Video, 4 Minutes 6 Seconds, HD, Colour

Performed and shot by Miller with sound by Scott

Performances: Chalton Gallery, London (18 Jan 2020); MEM Experimental Festival, Bilbao (30 Nov 2019); Black Box Residency, University of the Creative Arts, Farnham (7 - 10 May 2019); London's Biennale of International Performance Art & Noise (20 Jul 2018)

Interview by Madeleine Schwinge director of Re:Future Lab here

A hydrophone is immersed in a pool of lubricant, which acts as a substance for Miller’s voice to travel through. The slime envelopes her in an embryonic state suspending her physicality between birth and death, as she dances the space between inhale and exhale. Scott transforms her voice with the use of live sampling and delays mixed with field recordings. Together they explore tactile and aural perception in search of new dynamics and textures. ‘Animus’ explores a visceral metamorphosis of the organic and synthetic by cultivating a chaotic interdependency between human and digital. It suggests a communal body or second skin that offers new possibilities of sound and movement as sensory affective language.

"Exciting for us to find artists with such a strong understanding of the potential of sound within performance art."

Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard


Materials: 100 litres lubricant; stretch mesh fabric, polythene pool


Tech: axolotI; sampler; modified echo based delay; pre-recorded samples; hydrophones; granular sampler

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