Single Channel Video, 3 Minutes 13 Seconds, HD, Colour, Black & White

Music in collaboration with Craig Scott

AiR (Jan 2019) Serlachius Museum, Finland

Supported by The European Cultural Foundation STEP Travel Grant

‘To Melt/ To Crystallize’ is a short film conceptualised, shot and performed by Miller during her residency at the Serlachius Museum in Finland. The film explores her desire to ingest the sugar-coated landscape through her body only for it to overpower her in a symbiotic relationship. Set by a frozen lake and in an empty gallery the first part of this film switches between dynamic ideas around looking, nurturing and adorning; juxtaposed with static endurance sections in reference to the spiritual. The second part of the film explores Miller’s fear of erasure induced by the intoxicating beauty of the frozen lake. The soundtrack of this film has been made by composer Craig Scott with vocals by Miller. 


Materials: snow; icicle; water; frozen milk; gelatin; gems; assortment of clear and opaque glass vessels; vanity mirror; white chain; saran wrap

To Melt/ To Crystallize

A Film by Hollie Miller with Music by Craig Scott

© Hollie Miller 2019