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10 Minute Performance

Mixed Media Installation

Photos: Holly Davey

The Newbridge Project (5 - 7 Nov 2018), Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

w. Mark Devereux Projects (Dialogues5)

With the quiet command of space, Miller unannounced cuts a scar across the gallery floor through the transformation and pull of raw material. Her repetitive and prolonged movement is now fossilised into remains that hold an intimacy in the afterlife of the performance with late viewers. The empty bucket a punctuation mark. The scuffed wall signifies a collision with a physical barrier that brings up ideas around restriction. The sculpture that laid potently charged before Miller entered now lies disrupted, spilled and laid open. Viewed both inside the gallery and from passers by on the street Miller’s performance raises questions about public and private spaces and bodies. Whilst the atmosphere of the installation the following day shows an urgent quest for freedom. 


Sculptures: blond and brown wig; two cowbells; pair of children's antique boxing gloves; bone and blood flour; rusted chain; meat hooks; bucket; red rubble


Second-hand clothes: auburn human hair wig; green snakeskin heels; beige knitted teddy leotard; beige knitted top; beige woollen pencil skirt

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