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Single Channel Video Installation, 1 Minute 9 Seconds, 4K, Colour, Sound


Concept: Hollie Miller and Lisa Samos

Performance/ choreography/ costume: Hollie Miller

Poem/ narrator: Olly Williams

Producers: Julie Handscomb and Lisa Samos

Director: Mark Hilton

Lighting Design: Mark Hilton, with thanks to Zoe Sheehy and Jim Turnball-Walter

Editors: Mark Hilton and Hollie Miller

Special thanks to Greg Williams

Short film made in response to Olly Williams' poem about an octopus making its home out of plastic waste in the ocean. Olly Williams is one part of duo with Suzi Winstanley who collaboratively paint endangered wildlife face to face in the wild. For this film Miller made and performed in a bodysuit that had extended limbs.


Costume: lycra; padding; wire

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