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Year Long Performance

Single Chanel Video, 9 Minutes 16 Seconds, HD, Colour

Sound by Craig Scott

Series of twelve photographs

Screenings: S MOM Overload (7 June 2022); Spill Yer Tea (19 Aug 2021); Birth Rites Collection Shortlist (9 Jul 2020)

Throughout 2019 Miller carried out a private year long performance documenting her monthly menstrual cycle by imprinting the lining of her womb upon white silk ties every time it renewed. This repetitive action seeks to mark the tension between career and childbirth in relation to women’s ticking body clock of fertility. This work seeks to overcome the shame associated with menstruation that compels women and girls to conceal their menstrual events as a social taboo. It explores the tension of women being mother and/or worker, fears and expectations of childbirth, social conditioning and women's choice.

Materials: twelve white silk ties; menstrual blood

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