Year Long Performance

Single Chanel Video, 9 Minutes 16 Seconds, HD, Colour

Sound by Craig Scott

Series of 12 Photographic Prints

5m x 1.5 m Floor Painting with Scorched Edges

Throughout 2019 Miller has been documenting her menstrual cycle by imprinting the lining of her womb upon white silk ties every time it has renewed. This repetitive action seeks to mark the tension between career and childbirth. The tie being symbolic of business, whilst her menstrual blood signifies a commitment to her career and a decision to keep bleeding. This work seeks to overcome the shame associated with menstruation that compels women and girls to conceal their menstrual events. As part of this series Miller has also made a 5 meter long floor painting that speaks to a live action in previous work 'Four Women Four Walls'. Here Miller has been exploring how the traces of a live action can be imprinted onto a canvas so that its residue is preserved.

Materials: twelve white silk ties; menstrual blood; roll of 5 meter long paper; red ochre earth pigment; PVA glue; matches

Film by Hollie Miller with Sound by Craig Scott
Photos: Hollie Miller
Photo: Hollie Miller
© Hollie Miller 2020