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Installation Shots
Photos : Hollie Miller
20 Minute Performance
Two Channel Video, 8 Minutes 50 Seconds, HD, Colour, Sound
Mixed Media Installation
AiR (Sep - Oct 2018), La Ira de Dios, Chela, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Supported by The Argentine Educational Trust 

Screenings: Casa Viva Gallery, Mexico City (7 Feb 2020)

In her performance, Miller interacts with the objects on view, leaving material residue behind as a visible and physical trace of the artist’s body in the space. Through somatic movements and material investigations, Miller enacts gestures of embodiment to explore her own identity and sexuality as a method of reclamation. With low and high paced movements and the incorporation of the minor gesture, Miller investigates ideas of violence and recovery in relation to the female body. In one section she holds a branch of palm fruit tree drenched in honey against herself, the thick residue congeals against her face, hair and clothes. There is a sense of intimacy between artist and object that disarms the spectator who bears witness to an increasingly embodied performance of sensuality. Following her performance these charged artefacts were exhibited in the gallery. Miller also documented her creation process, which has resulted in two short films. 

Christina Wiles, Curator


Materials: blond, brown and auburn wig; two cowbells; pair of children's antique boxing gloves; bone and blood flour; two wooden paddle bats; two silver platters; meat hooks; metal food steamer; powdered cement; bucket; dried palm fruit tree branch; honey; red bricks and rubble


Second-hand clothes: lime green floor length lace dress dipped in cement; green snakeskin heels; beige knitted teddy leotard; knitted beige top; beige woollen pencil skirt; long greenish blue lace dress; long teal satin coat

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