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Mixed Media Installation with Creative Tech from Craig Scott

2 Hour Site-Specific Performance

Single Chanel Video, 7 Minutes 21 Seconds, HD, Colour, Sound

Camera: Glen Stoker

‘In the Window’ (17 Apr - 4 May 2019) Solo Show, Airspace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

In previous performances Miller has worn wigs to embody different female archetypes, whilst interacting with found and altered objects and pigments. Here her wigs become sculptures animating the window in her absence with subtle movements and the haunting sound of bells. She closes the exhibition with a performance that critiques the capitalist portrayal of women by mainstream fashion industries through disrupting the shop window space mannequins traditionally occupy as objects for consumer culture. Her uncanny postures nod to her body as object, yet moments of self-awareness remind us of the reality of the human condition and impose an awkward sense of voyeurism on passers by. Over the two hour duration Miller rhythmically performs surrealist actions of domestic labour that dirty the window with a crimson pigment. 


Sculptures: blond and brown wig; two cowbells; pair of children's antique boxing gloves; bone and blood flour;  two wooden paddle bats; two silver platters; two antique crimson weights; crimson frayed ribbon; crimson pigment; two rusted chains and meat hooks


Second-hand clothes: auburn human hair wig; beige knitted teddy leotard; beige woollen pencil skirt; green snakeskin shoes

Tech: transducer speaker; raspberry pi; arduino; automated motors

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