I use my body as an activated and politicised site, bringing charged materials to it to envisage ‘insideness’ and externalise the unconscious. I make site-responsive and intimate time-based work both live with the audience as witness and in isolation in derelict buildings and remote landscapes with my camera as witness. Since 2019 I have been collaborating with musician Craig Scott, to develop a hyperreal sound world that heightens the intensity of my imagery across performance and film.


Through somatic enquiry as quiet activism I use my body as a visceral material to turn feelings of vulnerability into empowering actions that reclaim the sensual as a political tactic to expose and overcome invisible codes of violence on women's bodies. Using performance as a tool for transformation and female ascension I explore recurring themes of therianthropy, metamorphosis and rebirth.


I investigate how corporeal embodiment in durational and endurance based performance can engender ‘kinesthetic empathy’ and how the sensing physical body performs an aesthetics of feeling and, in turn, its own political agency. I am interested in how the 'minor gesture’ can be a subversive force that challenges the dominant ‘major’ to politicise slow-time, stillness and the micro by seeping through prejudice barriers with its disarmingly subtle nature. 


I seek to reveal the tension between acts of persistence and plasticity through the material alchemy of my practice. Following my performances my sculptural objects, material traces and clothing are often left disrupted, dirty and leaking in the gallery as artefacts, relics or fossils that haunt the space in the afterlife with late viewers. I view the photographic documentation of my performances as crystallisations of living images. 


Hollie Miller is a performance artist with an interdisciplinary practice and background in contemporary dance. She has performed internationally in the UK, Europe, Finland, Switzerland, Argentina and Japan in contemporary art galleries, museums, land art and performance art festivals. She holds an MA from Royal College of Art (2016) and a BPA from Northern School of Contemporary Dance (2010). 


She has been awarded artist residencies at: Hogchester Arts (UK), NAIRS Contemporary Art Centre (CH), Serlachius Museum (FI) and La Ira de Dios (AR). Her short films have been shown at feminist film festivals internationally and in 2019 she won The Next Thing Moving Image Award at Bury Art Museum (UK). Exhibitions include: UK Mexican Arts Society, Airspace Gallery, NewBridge Project and Baltic39 Gallery (UK). Select festivals include: MEM Experimental Festival Bilbao (ES), Land Art Biennale Art Safiental (CH), Revolve Performance Art Days (SE), London’s Biennale of International Performance Art & Noise, Apulia Land Art Festival (IL) and 100 Years DADA (JP). 


As a performer she has worked with artists, choreographers and filmmakers including: Isabel Lewis, Tate Modern; Pierre Joseph, Frieze Art Fair; LEIMAY, Brooklyn Museum; Di Mainstone, National Portrait Gallery, Barbican, Wilton’s Music Hall and Creators Project New York. She has been awarded grants from Arts Council England, European Cultural Foundation, Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust, Argentine Educational Trust, Francis Reckitt, Eaton Fund, Gane Trust and the Lisa Ullmann Travel Scholarship to study Butoh in Japan.



"Like Meret Oppenheim, Hollie Miller knows how to make a seemingly simple gesture that is profound, multi-layered and which burrows immediately into the subconscious."

Zavier Ellis

“There is a poignant sense of equilibrium yet an expressive resonance in what she does,

both reliable yet disturbing.” 

Nigel Rolfe


“Very tough and sharp. Exciting and refreshing to see an artist use their body as a medium unto itself, both subject and object.”

Skip Arnold

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