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Hollie Miller & Craig Scott Sonic Archet


Performance, costumes and object talismans by Hollie Miller

Live music and hand built robotic instruments by Craig Scott


Performances: Bernston Bhattacharjee Gallery, London (8 June 2023); Kupfer Project Space, London (22 March 2023); San Mei Gallery, London (9 July 2020); House of Mass, London (8 Aug & 4 Sept 2020)

Supported by Arts Council England 

Interview by Ludovica Bulciolu curator of San Mei Gallery here

"Scott’s robotic diy instruments, whirred and stimulated a scenographic setting, a kind of elusive soundscape built on a rhythmic implementation of sounds that felt natural, organic. Miller used these sounds as the atmosphere for her precise bodily movements. Entering the space wearing a snakeskin bodysuit, Miller contorted her body accentuating the limits and bounds of what she could do with each move. At times it bordered on dance, but was unnatural, un-strategized, resisting choreographic intention in favour of feel, as though she were bending her body to fit the space, to find space, and, as became apparent, remove her skin. As the performance progressed Miller passed through three skins. Changing from snake, to humanoid, to golden spirit. Each change replying to the rhythms of Scott’s sounds, with new questions for the body. As snake, she resisted. As humanoid, draped in hair, she touched. And as golden spirit she transformed. Each skin came with its own bodily gestures, the fluidity of the snake, moving into the mechanics of the human, subtle, tidy gestures, before the golden spirit floated, seemingly gracing the floor without touching it."
Extract from text by Joshua Leon

"I was struck by the sculptural dialogue between Scott’s experimental musical instruments and Miller’s objects and costumes. The dynamic between this physicality with sound and movement created a powerful coherence to the work."
William Cobbing, Artist 

Costumes and object talismans: snakeskin bodysuit; synthetic hair dress; gold leaf mask with chainmail veil; latex mask with artist's own hair; latex hands and feet with artist's own hair, razor shells, wooden handles; rusted chain with great grandmother's hair and father's cowbell; grandfather's prayer stool; prosthetic eyes

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