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BEDROCK (2022)

Durational Performance Installation (3 hours)


Performance, set and costume design Hollie Miller

Sound Craig Scott

Photos Maria Baranova

Camera Mya Rose Davis

Single Channel Video Installation, 11 Minutes 23 Seconds, HD, Colour, Sound


Performed at The Watermill Center, New York founded by Robert Wilson (30/7/22)

As part of the International Summer Program STAND: Annual Summer Benefit and Auction

Curated by Charles Chemin and Noah Khoshbin

Bedrock explores the struggle and transformation of body and raw material. Miller as Sisyphus, a figure carved from stone, is enclosed within a walled space. She enacts the mundane and repetitive task of moving boulders into different formations against the fading sun in pursuit of enlightenment.  As her actions seem to churn the clogs of time the rocks become heavy with meaning and start to represent tectonic plates, countries or planets. A tree bursts through the cement reaching for the heavens as a totem to the beauty and strength of nature.

Materials: cement; rocks sourced from local material waste site; foam
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