PASSAGES (2018 - 20)

A series of four single channel moving image works performed and shot by Miller with sound by Scott

In ‘Moth to Flame’ Miller attempts to transcend upwards in a fateful attraction to the light. Miller’s appearance as a sphinx in ‘Double Headed Sphinx’, could be perceived as a protective symbol of her own subconscious: sphinxes represent guardians to the underworld and are perceived as transition symbols of life to death thresholds. In ‘Mother/ Daughter’ the double exposed video gives a direct comparison of the similarities inherited in the matrilineal chain and creates an ageing portrait that simultaneously revivifies itself. This video was made when the artist’s mother was exactly twice her age. ‘Out of Body’ uses double exposed video to envisage the phenomenon of perceiving oneself from outside of one’s physical body and witnessing a second self. This etheric double (an energy body of lighter, less dense material that is connected to our physical body) serves as a medium between the astral and physical realms.

Single Channel Video, 2 Minutes, 14 Seconds, HD, Colour
Single Channel Video, 3 Minutes, 3 Seconds, HD, Colour
Single Channel Video, 1 Minute, 14 Seconds, HD, Colour
OUT OF BODY (2020)
Single Channel Video, 2 Minutes, 26 Seconds, HD, Colour