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Curated by Andrew Duggan as part of the OCRAS/ HUNGER Project

Filmed at The Dingle Union Workhouse/ Hospital, Ireland


Single channel video, 6 Minutes 36 Seconds, HD, Colour, Sound

A film by Hollie Miller

Director of Photography: Clinton Fitzgerald

!st AD: Ed Moriarty

1st AC: Stephen Downey

Sound: Craig Scott

Supported by Arts Council Ireland

The Dingle Union Workhouse and Hospital that was active during the Great Famine currently sits abandoned with a potent history that is very present in lives and the minds of the community and wider national and international psyche. There are plans for the building to change use and the actions and gestures performed in this film seek to mark it as it stands; embodying traces of its visceral histories through the spiritual, supernatural and somatic. 

Abandoned objects within the building used: peeled wallpaper; oval mirror; dust; spoon; religious painting; walking sticks; vines; carpet tiles; fake flowers and floral foam.


Materials carried: black veil, fabric cocoon; shoes

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